Pinterest Demographics – Who uses Pinterest, and why it matters for YOUR blog

Pinterest is NOT for every blogger. Why? Because when it comes to understanding where your traffic can come from, you need to understand WHO is on those platforms the most, and whether or not your niche will serve those users well.

I know how frustrating it can be to have just started a blog with the little free time you had, only to see on your analytics page that no one is reading it.

Been there, done that.

And it wasn’t until I started thinking differently, that my other blog, Word From the Bird, truly began to take off. I started to ask myself a very important question. “What is it people really want to know within my niche and how can I best solve their problems?”

Serving your audience should always come first. But in order to serve them, you need to know them. You need to know whether or not Pinterest is even a place your readers are.

If you think about it, Pinterest has only JUST become a place where males hang out, but it’s still minimal. Pinterest traffic is made up of 81% women, and 7% men.

So when asking yourself about whether Pinterest is a way you could drive traffic to your blog, you need to think about whether or not WOMEN will find it interesting.

Let’s say you run a tech blog. Pinterest is probably not for you to spend the time trying to generate traffic.

If you want to know specifics about Pinterest users, check out my course all about becoming a Pinterest expert, Pinterest Traffic Masterclass.

Who uses Pinterest, and why you should figure this out before beginning your strategy – demographics and stats

Pinterest is hands-down the fastest and best way to get traffic to your website. Not only that, the visitors coming from Pinterest are the best kind of audience one could ask for.

As with anything, you need to understand who is on Pinterest to see if they will be interested in your specific niche.

Here are a few demographics of a Pinterest user to help you better understand your potential audience

  • The average income of a Pinterest user is $60,000 a year
  • They spend the most money over any other social media platform (that’s over Facebook and Instagram)
  • Pinterest is made up of 320 million MONTHLY active users as of January 2020
  • They come to your blog simply because they like or are interested in your pin (simple as that)
  • People use it for shopping, planning social activities, learning things through how-to posts, and planning out life’s moments with boards for visual inspiration
  • They use it to find yummy recipes, plan kid’s birthday parties, and learn different parenting and relationship strategies through articles. 
  • The come to Pinterest for decor ideas — from renovating your RV, to how to set your fall table, to finding printable art for your empty wall
  • They look to Pinterest for the latest in travel destinations, remote places to camp, and how to pack for a week away in the mountains. 

Pinterest for Women

On top of that, 71% of global Pinterest users are female, says Statista. In the US, Pinterest reaches 83% of women ages 25-54. And who do you think makes the buying decisions in the household? 80% of those women! 

Many people use Pinterest to dream about their future, accomplish their goals, and assist them in their purchasing journey. 

Pinterest for Men

Did you know that 40% of US men use Pinterest? That’s a LOT of dads looking for the latest gadget, survival tips, and even plan for becoming a dad! 

Pinterest saw a 450% increase in dads in 2018, searching for DIY projects to do with their kids.

If you’re not convinced that Pinterest is the leading platform in usership, then here are some more stats.

  • 85% of women on Pinterest use it to plan life moments, compared to 44% for Instagram and 53% for Facebook.
  • 43% plan on getting their ideal home within the next five years.
  • 58% say it helps them make shopping and purchasing decisions.
  • 52% use Pinterest to search for great food and drinks.
  • 70% of Pinterest users find accessories to buy such as watches and jewelry.
  • Another 52% of Pinterest users spent $500 or more on beauty products within six months.
  • 52% of millennials use Pinterest every month

Pinterest for Retailers

Pinterest is a platform that rewards good writers and captivating images.

  • 89% of US Pinners use Pinterest for inspiration in their path to purchase
  • 47% of Pinners log onto the site specifically to shop, making it nearly four times more effective at generating sales than other social platforms. 

Not only that, Pinterest continues to find more innovative possibilities for Pinners to shop directly in-app. Product Pins let brands upload full catalogs of shoppable items and include pricing info, availability, product title, description, and links that lead directly to the retailer’s site’s checkout page.

If you want to keep up on the latest stats, Pinterest is always giving us free reign to better understand our audience, so we can best serve them.

If you’re interested in learning about how I bring 300K – 1 million monthly readers to my other blog, I’ve created a masterclass that shows you how to bring traffic to YOUR specific niche!

Pinterest Traffic Masterclass

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